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My Journey with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls - By Tara Kaur

For me, sound healing is a combination of mantra (voice), alchemy bowls and symphonic gong. Each of these elements has a special and specific story and this one is dedicated to the story of the alchemy bowls.

The journey for me began at the end of my level 1 Kundalini Yoga teacher training at Anahata Yoga Sound and Energy Healing. I had been in the yogic space with the crystal bowls for nearly the entire duration of my teacher training but did not have a relationship with them nor was I particularly curious about them. Of course I thought they were beautiful but I did not feel drawn to learning about or experiencing them.



On our final weekend of teacher training, however, I felt three of the bowls “staring” at me. It was the strangest experience. When I asked Amarjot about it she said the bowls were activating to me - essentially offering themselves to me in service of my personal growth. I decided to explore these bowls and thought I would maybe end up buying 1. Instead, I went home with all 3: Grandmother, Violet Flame Aura and Pink Aura Gold morph.

During this initial activation I was introduced to another bowl who is a pair with the pink aura gold. Her “boyfriend” is a beautiful dolphin etched Ocean Gold bowl and together they create an amazing binaural tone. Two months after the first 3 came home I kept having very clear and strong visions of the dolphin bowl during my meditation practice. It felt to me like the pink aura gold was calling her mate. He was the next bowl to join the family.

It continued this way. I would have visions of bowls while meditating or dreaming. Sometimes they were bowls I had been in contact with and other times I had never seen them in person but I would call Amarjot and they were at the temple waiting for me (on a couple of occasions the visions came a few weeks before the bowls did). An example of this was a time when I knew I had 2 bowls coming: a gold bowl in the note of C and a green bowl in the note of F. When Amarjot and I first connected on these there were no gold bowls the way I saw them in my mind. Once I got to the temple and started feeling the bowls however I found her: a Lavender Sunset Gold bowl, C - 50 (lavender in color). The other is a Frankincense Ocean Gold in F#.

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As a yogi I appreciate and respect the sometimes mystical nature of life but this journey catapulted me into a new expression of that. Our growing home temple here in Sedona started with 3 alchemy bowls and is now at 31. There are times it has felt very overwhelming to take on this many crystal beings. In general, though, it feels like a wonderfully happy family: 2 humans, 4 cats and 31 alchemy bowls.

It took time for me to get comfortable with this type of experience - having dreams and visions of bowls and then seeking them out - and took even longer for me to feel secure enough in the process to share it with other people. It feels important for me to share this now though because this journey is remarkable, transformative and sacred.

My life has completely changed because of having the courage to walk this path. Offering sound healings in my home and at the resorts means I am working with these bowls daily, sometimes up to 8 sessions a week. I am grateful to be strongly rooted in my spiritual practice through my daily sadhana from Kundalini yoga. Without it I sometimes think I might be so blissed out from the bowls that I would have a hard time functioning in a grounded way!

While we continue to grow together I delight in offering healing sessions for people as well as clearing spaces through sound. This unplanned journey has brought unending joy to our lives and I thank you for reading and sharing in it with us. Sat Nam.



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