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40 Hour Vibrational Sound Healing Training Testimonials

Sound Healing Training Testimonials

Our participants learned so much and had so much fun at this training. This is what they had to say! Thank you!

"If you want to experience a profound shift go to Anahata Yoga to be fully immersed in Sound Healing Training. Not only will you find joy there with a kaleidoscope of heavenly crystal singing bowls, beautiful hand made drums, and amazing planetary and symphonic gongs, but you'll also find teachers who are loving, kind, compassionate, and caring. These are master teachers who walk their talk and support you in a community full of beautiful dedicated souls. Anahata is like an open heart where you find respite, healing, and true awakenings.. Sat Nam! Love you Ronee! Thank you!"

-Kimberly Miller


"Over the course of the 40 hour sound healing training I have experienced such a profound shift. I came into this training with the intention to release any self doubt I was feeling. What I am leaving the training with is beyond words. Watching the transformation not only within myself, but within the students in attendance was nothing short of magical. I watched faces light up, energy shifts and clearings, I felt such deep gratitude, and movement within my own body and mentality, I found my voice through vocal toning, and released many fears and doubts within myself. Just sitting in the space with these healing tools is a feeling that everyone should experience. The grounding, the meditations, the human connection, the passion, the understanding, all became so much of what I needed and was craving. I met new life long friends, felt supported on all levels, was blessed with endless information and knowledge, and was taken care of so tenderly with such deep understanding for the shifts happening in the space. Over the course of this workshop Anahata became home. Ronee has created such a magical place, and you can feel that her love for the space, radiates into all aspects of it. I am leaving with a new lightness surrounding me, with a confidence in myself and my intuition, and with a new little family of crystal bowls I can not wait to share with the ones in my life that I care so deeply for. Endless Gratitude for every single being that made this all possible."

-Marla Mockus


"This 40-hour vibrational sound healing course that I took was exciting and eye opening. I loved everything about this course. The drums, didgeridoo, drum wave, crystal bowls, gongs and toning all have me floating. I'm blessed to have these incredible Masters Sangeet, Hari Nam, Ronee, Satyam and Three Trees. Can't wait to share all that I've learned!"

-Kristy Austin Yoga


"I completed this course last weekend. It was lead with love, inspiration and knowledge. I highly recommend setting time aside in October to learn more about the power of sound with Three Trees, Sangeet Khalsa, Satyam Patel, and Ronee Kipnes."

-Margy Krause


"New knowledge and skills, new friends and newfound energy to share what I’ve learned with others. It’s hard to put into words how fulfilled I feel after these last two weekends of sound healing training. I am truly grateful to my teachers Sangeet Khalsa, Ronee Kipnes, Satyam, Patel, and Three Trees for this amazing experience."

-Cara Tracy
















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