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Mackensey Smith

Mackensey is a passionate space holder, facilitating Breathwork, Reiki healing, and mind, body, spirit empowerment on group and individual levels for the past 4 years. The breathwork is a form of Pranayama, utilizing the breath to access higher levels of consciousness, shift emotional default settings, cleanse the body of blocked energy, and alchemize powerful healing on all levels. Through these techniques she fosters a safe container for people to soften their hearts and transmute all that is no longer serving them.
“My belief is that each of us has a spark of Radiance, an inner light that if tapped will expand into our lives, guiding us to manifest our dreams, discover our unique journey to self-fulfillment, and by stepping into that helping others to do the same.”

Mackensey Smith instructs the following:
  • Find Your Freedom: Breathing to Let Go
  • Join Mackensey Smith for a Breathwork and Reiki healing experience. Nurture and cleanse your emotional body with Breathwork followed by a deeply immersive and meditative Reiki journey.

    This breathwork is an active self-healing meditation technique that allows for emotional detox, clearing of blocked energy and negative thought patterns, and ultimately coming back into your wholeness. This work leaves you feeling softer, unburdened, and with a natural high as you reclaim the true Freedom within.

    We begin the class with introduction to the work, intention setting and sharing followed by the Breathwork Journey and Reiki Meditation. Sound, Essential Oils, Earth-Based healing techniques, and ceremonial circle work are all incorporated into this 90-minute transformational experience. This is your time to show up for you as you reclaim and clear!
    Cost: $25.00