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Jon Heinrich

Jon Heinrich instructs the following:
  • "Blooming Elements" Photography Exhibition
  • Through film and digital photography, Heinrich captures the natural mystic energy of our human experience.

    Yogi Bhajan taught us about the five Tattvas that make up this experience on earth. These elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether reflect our own consciousness back at us. Through the practice of presence and solitude, Heinrich finds moments of natural beauty in front of his lens when he is in his most meditative state.

    This is a collection of those highly present, meditative moments with nature.

    We are all deeply engaged with life. There is always more Maya, more distraction, more breaking news, more drama to engage with. If instead, we focus on the present moment with discipline and intention, the world unfolds in the most mystical way.

    “Put your life in a beautiful way.” - Swami Sri Kaleshwar

    Photography Exhibition Art Opening: December 8th, 2018 at 6:30PM

    Meditation on Creativity: 5:00PM

    Art Opening: 6:30PM

    Location: ANAHATA Yoga, Sound & Energy Healing

    Cost: Free Community Event