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Eva Maurice

As a contemporary Spiritual Counselor Eva inspires people to evolve through self-discovery, self-care practices, and Divine inspiration. Her compassionate, yet candid approach creates a safe space for clients to find their truth through Self Love. Eva’s insight, wit and easy-going nature make her a remarkable and effective lecturer, presenter, workshop leader, and service facilitator. People often have enlightening, emotional experiences, and walk away with a clearer perspective on their dreams and life purpose.
With over 25 years of professional speaking experience in the Wellness Industry and as a Spiritual Teacher, Eva is honored to share her passion and purpose.

Eva Maurice instructs the following:
  • Prosperity Practices: Meditation & Mantra
  • Re-discover the law of attraction through the ancient wisdom of meditation and mantra.

    Learn how to utilize mantras in meditation as seeds to grow your intention of abundance. We will focus on the abundance mantra Om Shreem Mahalakshmiyei Namaha Lakshmi is the Hindu Deity that brings blessings of abundance, success and beauty into our lives on the material and spiritual realms.

    Experience the beauty of simplicity and approach life with a focus on creating the environment that allows creativity, freedom, abundance, and so much more!

    Mantra; “man,” which means mind, and “tra,” which means transport or vehicle. A mantra is a transport of the mind—a sound used to enter a deep state of meditation.
    Cost: $20.00