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Jessica (Damanjoti Kaur) Itami

Hello! My name is Jessica Rose Itami (call me Jess)! I‘ve had the lovely privilege to grow up on the west coast living in Phoenix, Arizona and Los Angeles, California. I love meeting new people, traveling the world, helping others build great ideas and feeding the potential within. My goal each day is to continue inspiring myself and therefore bringing others along on our journey to magnificent greatness! I believe that we must all live in the moment and free ourselves from the attachments and distractions in life to truly see our vision of purpose on this earth. I’m so grateful for my yoga practice and love how these tools and philosophies have helped me seek my inner self and have helped shape and mold me into who I am today. I am so excited to share my experience with all and everyone I meet. Sat Nam!

Jessica (Damanjoti Kaur) Itami is currently not instructing any classes.