James Titschler

James, the founder of The Empowerment Path, is trained in many areas of metaphysical and spiritual wellness. He has a deep connection with the ancient sacred practice of alchemy and the magical transformation of energy. James has developed an intimate relationship with the crystal kingdom, he harnesses and directs their powerful energies to assist others with profound transformations. Along with certification as a Reiki Master Teacher, James is also trained in Pranic Healing, Advanced Crystal Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, Quantum Touch as well as sound and color therapies.

James Titschler instructs the following:
  • Chakra Harmony: A Unique Group Healing Experience
  • Chakra Harmony: A Unique Group Healing Experience

    Chakras are the bridge between our physical and light bodies. Only when they are in harmony do we feel the integration and oneness.

    Are you feeling overwhelmed, fearful of the physical, emotional or mental effects of your spiritual awakening?
    Would you like to move forward in life with a deeper sense of inner peace, faith and acceptance in your journey?

    James creates a synergy of healing energy using I Am Metaphysically Enhanced™ oils, vibrational music and custom programed crystals.

    The Group healing experience is designed to:

    Clear fear and old behavior patterns
    Release stagnant and old energy
    Harmonize your chakras and energy bodies
    Calm and refresh your mind
    Recharge yourself with healthy, rejuvenating life force

    Cost: $29.00