Daljeet and Amir

About Daljeet:
Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, Alexandra began her yoga journey after sustaining a neck & heel injury from years of competitive dance. In the spring of 2008, she worked at a local studio and it was here where she became exposed to a variety of yoga styles. Through practicing with awareness, intention and proper alignment, she was able to receive deep healing not just on a physical level, but also mentally, energetically and emotionally.
Yoga restored the connection between her heart, body, mind and soul to the beautiful world that surrounds us and reignited the spark of divine energy that lives within each of us. To her, yoga brought an inner discovery of the Self, her true Self, and was a stepping-stone that sparked the path of becoming a teacher and spreading the message of natural healing & wellness to the planet. If we can heal ourselves, we can heal the planet as well.

In 2013, she was trained under Kamini Desai in Yoga Nidra at Spirit of Yoga and went on to continue her education at Inner Vision Yoga, receiving her 200 Hour teaching certification. Forever a student, beginning January 2015 she will begin her Level 1 Kundalini Yoga certification at Anahata with Sevak Singh and Sangeet Kaur Khalsa.

Believing that we all have the ability to heal ourselves, she guides her students to be present in their own practice, find the light within, and remember our true nature.


About Amir:

Amir is a gifted teacher musician who has found his true passion in healing with sound. Amir has a quiet and steady presence in the ANAHATA Community and is in service to all. His talents are many and his loving sweet nature are always a joy to be around.  Amir has a strong resonance with the crystal singing bowls, as well as a gift with the gongs. A truly beautiful spirit! 

Daljeet and Amir bless the ANAHATA community with their gifts each Sunday evening.


Daljeet is also available for private crystal singing bowl activations.

Daljeet leads out Crystal Bowl 101 Workshops, and Amir and Daljeet both assist in the intensive trainings. 


Daljeet and Amir is currently not instructing any classes.