Sangeet Khalsa

S.S. Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, KRI Level 1 & 2 Sr. Lead Trainer, is the founder/director of The Healing Source LLC and the Womanheart Program which has supported the growth of thousands of women and their communities through retreats and conferences held over the past 25 years. She studied directly with Yogi Bhajan for nearly 30 years and was among the few to be personally molded by him. She was appointed by him and served for the past 20 years on the founding committee that has shepherded the development of all Kundalini Yoga international teacher training programs and the development of the Aquarian Trainer Academy. A former New York corporate executive for 25 years, Sangeet is also a recognized Master Numerologist with her "Blessings Code" system and a minister in the Sikh spiritual path (indicated by the initials "S.S."). Her books and CDs continue to inspire people worldwide.

Sangeet Khalsa instructs the following:
  • Double Gong with Sangeet and Harinam
  • On select Sundays throughout the summer months, join Sangeet and Harinam for a healing Gong Class...
    Lay back and reach new levels of balance, relaxation and bliss in the Shiva-Shakti flow of energies produced by the Husband & Wife team of Sangeet Kaur and Hari Nam Singh playing their partnered gongs,

    Sangeet plays the symphonic gong which brings the power and wisdom of the Infinite to you, clearing chakras, meridians and energy fields and removing blocks. Hari Nam plays the Jupiter Gong to bring greater prosperity and abundance into your life along with the spirit of service.
    We all know Sangeet as a KRI Lead Teacher Trainer in our Level 1 2 courses and a frequent teacher at the Sunday Connection. Playing together over many years, this couple call themselves "the ever-lovin' gongsters."

  • The Sunday Connection - A Special Kundalini Yoga and Meditation
  • The Sunday Connection is an added offering for the Scottsdale community to practice Kundalini yoga and meditation, elevate themselves, and celebrate the beauty and wonder of being alive. This weekly class will meet for 90 minutes from 11:00am to 12:30pm. Each week we deliver yogic technology focused on various spiritual truths, and leads the class up to a state of self-awareness and joy through the ancient science of self-initiation, through the practice of yoga. These classes are for everyone, first time students as well as seasoned practitioners. Join us for an uplifting experience that will set your upcoming week. You have the birthright to be happy!  
    Come and claim it with us at the Scottsdale Sunday Connection.
    Celebrate, Relate, and Elevate