Where Compassion Rules and Kindness Prevails

This class is taught by:

Sangeet Khalsa

S.S. Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, KRI Level 1 & 2 Sr. Lead Trainer, is the founder/director of The Healing Source LLC and the Womanheart Program which has supported the growth of thousands of women and their communities through retreats and conferences held over the past 25 years. She studied directly with Yogi Bhajan for nearly 30 years and was among the few to be personally molded by him. She was appointed by him and served for the past 20 years on the founding committee that has shepherded the development of all Kundalini Yoga international teacher training programs and the development of the Aquarian Trainer Academy. A former New York corporate executive for 25 years, Sangeet is also a recognized Master Numerologist with her "Blessings Code" system and a minister in the Sikh spiritual path (indicated by the initials "S.S."). Her books and CDs continue to inspire people worldwide.
Are you, or are you looking for, a heart-throb, a heart-stopper or an Ultimate Love? Explore the pathways of love the yogi/yogini way and open your heart with Kundalini Yoga, pramayam and elevating gong with KRI Sr. Lead Trainer Sangeet Kaur Khalsa. Beautiful loving states exist, can be enjoyed, and sustained. Become the love you want to find.